About us

The CYBERPOL™ eLearning online certifications are more than just a badge of honor. Our eLearning Courses give your organization the chance to monitor employee progress and retain your top talent. Despite these benefits, you may still be wondering if online training certificates are worth the time and resources.

CYBERPOL™ Academy eLearning online training partnership program is for everyone. Anyone can subscribe and do any of the CYBERPOL Certifications online.

Who Should Attend

The CYBERPOL™ eLearning Academy provides all Internet users and employees with PCI, DSS, HIPAA, Infragard-Awareness International Cyber Security Awareness courses and certifications, as well as online webinars, and/or on-site training, for all those wishing to act in the role of DPA/CSO/SSO/IT Manager along with all personnel involved in IT & OT Systems. It’s an essential for any Cyber Job Application, today!

Top Benefits of CYBERPOL eLearning Online Training Certification Programs

1) Uphold Company Standards

Your employees must meet certain criteria to achieve their online e-Training Certificates. These criteria are set forth by the organization and are based on desired outcomes and objectives. Thus, CYBERPOL eLearning online training courses and certifications can help you uphold your company standards across the board. For example, compliance knowledge in a real world is a must in context to earn their CYBERPOL eLearning online training certificates. Staff proficiency to successfully complete a series of task simulations are a must in compliance. Be assured that these individuals will accurately reflect your brand image and ultimately your company and its compliance.

2) Certification Provides Proof of Competency in the Event of an Audit

Public audits and compliance can be stressful and time-consuming, costly and painful if the auditor discovers violations or inconsistencies in your paperwork and compliances such as GDPR. Fortunately, CYBERPOL eLearning Partnership online training certification programs allow you to provide proof of employee competency to authorities. For example, all of your employees have completed the health and safety online training courses and passed the final exam as set out in the Health Insurance Act. CYBERPOL eLearning online training certifications also allow you to minimize the risk of violations, as employees have all the resources they need to comply with policies.

3) Track Employees Performance Effectively

CYBERPOL eLearning online training certifications give you the opportunity to break your online training program into individual components to track employee performance more effectively by analyzing training milestones. You can intervene when necessary to ensure that they stay on track and don’t fall behind. In fact, CYBERPOL eLearning LMS platform enables you to monitor certifications via detailed reports with our eLearning Programs.

4) CYBERPOL eLearning QA (Quality Assurance)

CYBERPOL™ eLearning Academy & Certifications are part of a global partnership training program serving as a QA (Quality Assurance) as per Nice Class 42 Quality Assurance use of Trademarks Act in partnership with CYBERPOL Organization. The training modules and certifications runs across the global cyber landscape producing CYBERPOL Cyber Essentials Certifications for business, governments and all internet users.

This program is distributed by CP ACADEMIC SOLUTIONS LIMITED in partnership with CYBERPOL Organization D-U-N-S Number 371018431 for The International Cyber Policing Organization INTERNAT ORG.

CYBERPOL™ Trademark numbers 018270163, 014468789, 014505473, UK00003031007 https://euipo.europa.eu